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Transforming a house into a home requires vision and this can be a natural gift or one learned and honed through interior design study and experience. Like any other skill such as song writing or painting the innovative work has its basis and inspiration in past experiences – through listening to the great composers or studying and appreciating the classical artists. By looking at interior decorating through the ages we can form informed opinions and ideas about what works and does not work in any given situation. The historical eras enlighten us with an evolution of furniture and furnishings each appropriate to its time and place. We can use this knowledge and artistic skill to innovate and create suitable furnishings for modern interior architectural layout and satisfy the desire for ever changing designs amongst trend setters and the consumers they are servicing.

Bedroom Furniture London

Bedroom furniture has evolved over centuries having its obtuse origins in very rudimentary design and workmanship. The styles, designs, colours and craftsmanship have evolved into what is now recognised as mass production procedures to service growing demand for the latest in bedroom furniture. The one constant among the many variables is the material that has been used down through the historical periods giving furniture its particular title. For example we see a changing design in bedroom furniture from one monarchy to the next. It is clearly perceptible and acknowledged that there was an evolutionary development in bedroom furniture from the Tudor to the Stuart to the Georgian and Victorian dynasties. Each had its particular characteristics that gave it an individual identity, yet ensuing periods of history saw a continuation of the use of wood to carve bedroom furniture. Wooden beds became more refined in their finish and their styles changed to match the social and artistic mores of their time. Bedroom furniture was made elaborate and decorative for the royalty upper classes and aristocracy whilst the untitled working classes made do with much more rudimentary bedroom furniture. Very often they had to make their own beds from trees felled in the forest. They could ill afford the carpenters at court who designed and hand manufactured beds, wardrobes, dressing tables and chest of drawers for the landed gentry and royalty. Class divisions also created a two tier society where bedroom furniture for the wealthy and aristocratic was opulent and decorative whilst the poorer classes made do with roughly hewn bedsteads and other bedroom furniture. Nowadays we have a variety of bedroom furniture spanning the classical, retro and the more current minimalist look. Hard wood oak and walnut bedsteads with matching wardrobes, chest of drawers and dressing tables are now a fashion fad. However there are many choices in bedroom furniture available to take your fancy and you can choose according to the space you have and the taste you espouse. Light and dark themes will colour your choices according to your preferences and your comfort expectations will define your choice of mattress, either traditional coil sprung or memory foam or perhaps a mixture of both.

Walnut Furniture and Walnut Bedroom Furniture

Walnut furniture has become very fashionable and a variety of walnut tones ranging from light to very dark are available for your personal satisfaction. The most beautifully lacquered walnut dining tables and chairs are a very popular choice among younger consumers. They represent a quite expensive niche in the current fashion trends and are 'de rigeur' for upmarket homes and yuppie status owners. As we have already seen walnut furniture is equally popular in the bedroom as in the dining room and makes a rich statement against neutrally painted walls and a matching hardwood walnut floor. Walnut furniture has cornered a large demand in furniture sales and the current popularity of this beautifully grained dark furniture range reflects changing tastes and styles that are for ever prevalent in the furniture business. In spite of the growing popularity of walnut there is still a demand for all things oak and many modern homes are furnished throughout with oak furniture in its many and varied styles and wood tones. Many oak bedroom sets and indeed dining room sets reflect the rich indigenous style and design of its cultural origins.
These can be as diverse as the design manufacture of Indonesia, India, Eastern European, North America and indeed Western European including France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and the UK.

Oak Furniture and Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak as a wood used in furniture production has been around since time immemorial and possesses a quality and status as cherished and as wide as the girth of the illustrious mighty oak tree. It is a fitting tribute to the historical fact that at one point much of Europe was covered in oak forests and that we still appreciate the beauty and durability of oak furniture.

Even amongst the popular ratings of walnut and oak there is still a sizeable contingency who prefer white furniture in all its various designs and artistic finishes. It can often be a hard or soft wood simply painted white or more often MDF with a paint or melamine finish. Just like the other woods, it is available in bedroom units, dining room sets and occasional furniture. Though it may have an immediate connotation with clinical it does come in enchanting designs and creates beautiful room settings. Italy produces beautifully crafted white furniture with intricate carvings and wood designs, a very specialised Italianate concept that represents the polar opposite of the spectrum to modern minimalist design which is more prevalent in European manufacture at large. White furniture can create a relaxed ambience against a background of darker colours and loses that clinical cold aspect it is often associated with. Careful colour co-ordination with surrounding décor can help transform white furniture into an inspirational perspective. It has never really become outdated and still rates as aspirational furniture for all living areas in the home particularly bedrooms.

Pine Furniture and Mexican Pine Bedroom Furniture

In a similar way pine furniture has always had a certain attraction for many consumers, though it reached its zenith in the mid to late nineties, with customised pine kitchens, dining room sets and bedroom furniture. Even occasional pine furniture was very popular at this time and was apparent in abundance on every furniture website and in every furniture retail outlet. The craze for Mexican pine with its rudimentary waxed finish has waned since the late nineties and early new millennium, but Mexican pine was on everyone's wish-list for quite a while. The rustic look with its earthy feel and sparse furnishings had universal appeal and graced the homes of many consumers. There is still a segment of the furniture market that caters for continuing interest in this brand though it has declined in popularity considerably since the early 2000s. Pine still creates a wonderful rural aspect and many country homes in particular still display pine furniture throughout bestowing a welcoming warmth and friendly ambience on the home in the process.

Black Furniture and White Bedroom Furniture

Whilst black furniture has come to prominence in the recent past there has always been a specialist market for pieces of black furniture. The demand for matt finish associated with MDF products has mostly been replaced with the shiny lacquered finish we now associate with modern avant garde minimalist design. A younger generation have shown their affinity with this innovative furniture and many have purchased black pieces to grace practically every room in the home. It is of course a very personal choice but there is a trend in the furniture industry leaning towards a black and white theme, so black furniture features quite strongly on the most popular wood colour list. Black furniture like most other wood colour variations appears to be here to stay and adds another choice to the existing furniture colour chart.

Childrens Bedroom Furniture, Kids Bedroom Furniture and bunk beds

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Mattressess and a sense of well-being

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